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I just want to express my gratitude!!!

Bare with me as I pour my heart and tears into this post!

I know there is a debate about whether there is a God or who is the right God, and after years of studying theology and religion I don't know what the answer is for you.

But for me there is a voice deep down in my spirit far beyond my minds reach. This voice calls out for me to love, to live, to smile, and to give.

This voice that same voice has talked me out of suicide, it has kept me from the ledge, it has pulled out of the darkest pits.

This voice has told me that I am worthy when the world told me I wasn't. This voice told me I am well when the doctors told me I am sick.

This voice has hugged me when I could find a human to touch. This voice has listened to me when I couldn't get a human on the phone.

This voice has reassured me that I am a great wife and mother when my mind told me otherwise.

And this same powerful voice told me that I had a duty to come out of the shadows, leave my hermits nest and comfort zone, and share my light with little girls and women.

This voice told me that I need to keep going and told me I have just barely scratched the surface!!

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Toya Danielle Yarbrough

Owner and C.E.O. of Tricky Royalty

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