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Giving Yourself Grace

If you have been following Tricky Royalty on social media you have watched as I struggled this week with overcoming some of my very own internal challenges.

I have a hard time when it comes to talking to people I don't know, public speaking, or large crowds. I have been through therapy as well as taken classes in college and out of college about speaking, and communication, and all of the intellect in me knows how I am feeling is not a true feeling.

That being said yesterday someone commented on my post to give myself grace.

It was a simple statement but it hit me in my core.

Why is it that as humans we can allow children to grow and learn and show grace? We can give grace to our partners or friends and when it comes to ourselves we expect to just get it. We expect to have the capacity to overcome, push through, and fly free.

I know someone is reading this blog saying that they already do all of those things for themselves. And if that is you I am so proud of you!

For those of us who are still working on becoming better versions of ourselves daily.

I am sharing with you what someone shared with me.

Give yourself grace!

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